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In a long journey of windows 8 is here.In October Microsoft has finally turned into an Operating System that is Windows 8. Yes,Windows 8 was launched in 26th of October. Comparatively the Windows 8 was dramatically faster and starting and shutting down than other.  The windows 8 is now available in Smartphones, tablet and PCs. Probably windows familiar with Windows XP,vista and 7.Now its on Windows 8.

Windows 8  was designed with the help of windows 7  other-words to explain the windows 8 is the rock solid of the windows 7.Now I convey the article of Windows 8 pricing ,interface and the problem occurred during the windows 8. Normally Windows 8 used in full of touch screen.That is the user intention to expected valuable thing from Windows.



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The new touch-centric interface is entirely differentiate from the point click functionality.Windows 8 can serve with a new start screen with the charms bar.

Compare to other windows os ,windows 8 have the new start screen with  the charms bar ,the user will find the Start button is gone and the key specification such as the search and control panel moved to the new chambers bar that are pops from the right and side of the home screen.The new arrangements of Microsoft is the big problem of the new users of the windows 8.

As per the windows 8 review Easily navigation can be done in the windows 8 Os .These OS feel little bit difficult for a new user but the design is full of comprises we should see whether those design compromises pay off for Microsoft and the future of Windows.

Microsoft will increase the pricing of windows 8 versions .Windows 8 will cost you $120 after Jan 31.Here we are enenlisting the new pricing range of windows 8 Operating Systems:

  • Windows 8 Upgrade edition in online will be charged $119.99(US), 6839.43(India)
  • Windows 8 pro Upgrade edition in online will be charged $199.99(US), 11399.43(India)
  • Windows 8 Pro Pack in online will charge99.99(U (), 5699.43(India)
  • Windows 8 Media Centre Pack wiwill charge9.99(U (), 569.43(I (di

But the version of With this Windows 8 System Builder itwill charge up to $100 to $165. these charges will may upgrade end of Jan or first Feb. Windows 8 is designed for devices with touch screens, and many people find the interface a little it difficult to use on regular laptops and desktops. Just Share your experience with the Windows 8 and what you think about the new pricing of Windows 8 versions?.

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