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Antivirus is used to prevent, detect and remove the malware affected in your device. Now we all are aware that with the help of top antivirus software we can protect our device. Here is our Most Useful Top 10 antivirus 2013.

Bitdefender Antivirus

According to security experts, Bitdefender has developed the best antivirus software. It has its own firewall and offers an autopilot mode for silent security.

Bitdefender antivirus provides advanced proactive protection against virus – if you want to test the products try the official antivirus downloads section – you can detect and prevent the most dangerous virus and malware.

Norton Antivirus

We all are heard and used this famous antivirus software security for your pcs and Mobiles. In 1991, Symantec Corporation was developed the Norton Antivirus Software. The good specification of the Norton Antivirus is to highlight the security of your pcs and mobiles. Generally Norton antivirus is the effective antivirus software from the Symantec. The best key Specifications are highlighted here:

  •  Protect against spyware and virus
  • Scan quickly and easy to install and use
  •  Its run as a user friendly software
  •  Upgraded security product available for all users

The new Norton antivirus 2013 comparatively twice as much disk space of Norton antivirus 2012 and it also offered a new user interface, installation speed, and new cloud based management tool. The worth of new Norton antivirus 2013 is $49.99.


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Comodo Antivirus

The Comodo antivirus is entirely free for all users; you can download this software through their own website. Basically this has the Award winning firewall application and it prevent all type of online attacks include virus, malware, Trojans and hacking. It provides reliable protection for your daily access. Yes, just go through the main specifications:

  •  Protect all your daily access
  •  High performance and efficiency
  •  Detect unwanted hidden files
  •  High speed cloud based scanning
  • To prevent all types of harms

It has been built with intelligence these are the highlighted key specification proactively done with the help of Comodo antivirus. We all are must agree with that is your antivirus doing the great job for you.

AVG antivirus

The most widely used antivirus AVG means Anti Virus Guard. It is a family of antivirus and internet security. The stable release of AVG done on December 10 2012.Basically its a premium security. The main features are available in modern antivirus and internet security programs. Yes it is a new advance the protection against the virus, malware and all harms.

Panda Antivirus

In 1990 panda security was started in the city of Bibao, Spain.Panda products mainly aims to provide the security tool for home users and enterprise. The newest version of panda is Panda antivirus pro.The new Panda Antivirus pro offers the easiest way to use and highly protection done for your pcs.The main security features are:

  •  To protect against known and unknown threats
  •  To protect your personal data against identity theft
  •  To protect your two way communication against online theft
  •  To protect your network against hackers

Just install and protect your pc;s against the harmful effect.


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Microsoft security Essential

Microsoft security essential is non premium antivirus software. Yes this is listed in the top 10 antivirus software in the world. Its very easy to install and use. In 29thSeptember 2009 Microsoft security essential launched. The software runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

The main key specification of the Microsoft security essential is Real time Protection, it can proactively monitoring all files and programs on the computer. The requirement of hardware is differ, based on the OS.It required with windows Xp Microsoft security essentials requires 500MHz processor and 256 MB of memory. It require the other hand of Windows vista and 7 Microsoft security essential requires 1 GHz processor ,1GB of  RAM resolution of 800* 600 pixels with 200MB of disk space.

F-secure Antivirus

In 1988 F-secure was first launched under the name of Petri allas and risto sillasmaa.Today emerged market F-secure considered a most and best antivirus. Its a premium antivirus. You can download for $39.99 only. It protects your Pcs from all kind of virus, malware and Trojans-secure is very easiest to use and install. Compare to other antivirus it have many disadvantages like the user interface is not good, it take more memory space, Protection against the malware is difficult. Now this services nit up to the market.

Kaspersky Antivirus

It designed to include the real time protection. In 2006 the Kaspersky antivirus designed by Kaspersky lab. It was firstly designed for the computer running Microsoft Windows and Mac Os x.This security network service allows users to Kaspersky lab security product from around the world to help facilitate malware identification  and reduce the time it takes provides protection against new security risk.

The main feature is used to prevent, detect and remove the malware affected in your pcs.All the antivirus have their own limitations, here kaspersky also has some limitations like does not have the personal firewall, Antispam, and parent control tool.


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McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus positioned in the 3rd place of the top ten antiviruses. This is basically a virusscan.The McAfee produces different type of standalone product can run on Windows and Mac included the MacAfee virus scan plus package or as a part of MacAfee security suite. It considered the most popular oldest antivirus. On19th August 2010 Intel purchase McAfee for$7.68billion

But now most of the users access the McAfee also has some disadvantages like it during the period of real time protection it consumes lot of memory, while scanning lose the memory etc.

Avira Antivirus

In 1986 ,the Avira antivirus program was launched. Its listed 6th position of the top 10 antiviruses. Avira compete with Symantec,F-secure,McAfee and Kaspersky etc. Its a premium Security software brings privacy protection to your pcs. The Avira antivirus internet security 2013 is worth $89.99 per year of three licenses.

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