Top 5 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives

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Dropbox is allows to save , sync or share your files through online. Mainly it is file hosting services ,it offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. All the users prefer this service  and but many of them dont really like it.for the reasons of disappointed this service also have few drawbacks. That is the begining of dropbox alternatives.  Yes today ,i have come up with 5 best dropbox alternatives with good features.

Here are the Top 5 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives. Its reliable,simple and can be accessed through a web browser. Just scroll down and find the best of you.


We firstly introduce Box. With the help of box you can store all of your content online so you can easily access, manage and share. It offers 5GB disk disk space with easily share the files. It offers secure, scalable content sharing. The good features of Bos is :

·        Track file version

·        Assign and manage tasks

·        Real time activity feed

·        Google docs integration

·        Invite others to view, edit and  more


Google drive

Google provide the file storage and synchronization service through which google drive. And also allow automated files from your PC syncing, you need to download the drive software. It offers 5GB of disk space at free of cost. It which enables user cloud storage, file sharing, and collaborative editing.the main features are:

·         Access everywhere

·         Store files safely

·         Collaborate with Google Docs


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Enjoy your life with mimedia, you can access and share anywhere. This is one of the best dropbox alternatives. It offers 7GB space at free of cost. You can instantly access mimedia from anywhere. It have their own features to highlighting the performance that is online storage and online backup. And also provides automatic online backup and sync.



Dropcanavas one of the best free online dropbox alternatives.with the help of dropcanavs we can share files to with friends. Really the fastest way to share your files through dropcanvas. It provide drag,drop and share features. It offers upto 5GB disk space. No need of any registration ,simple post on the document area and share.


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Finally ,i end up with the one of the best and most widely used dropbox alternative that is Droplr. It offers the maximum file size limits of 25mb for free accounts. This is the fast ,simple, way to share notes, documents, codes, files ,videos, images.

Well these were the best and free dropbox alternatives. Now its your turn to find the best of the list then share with us through your comment box.

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