Top 10 Video Editing Software for Free Download 2013

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Now we reveal about the Top 10 video editing software for free download 2013.This apps is handles the post production video editing of digital video sequence on a computer non linear editing system. In simple you can polish and adding with the help of video editing software.

We will introduce some video editing tools which are free to edit videos. In market more and more video editing tools available but difficult to find such good software.

Video Editing Software


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Windows movie maker

Windows movie maker is simple and easy to use. It is a freeware editing software by Microsoft. It offers the ability to create and edit videos. You can make home trailer by simple drag and drop. The good video effect, video transition, audio track, adding titles/credits, timeline narration and auto move are the best features of windows movie maker.

With the help of this software you can enjoy to edit the videos, but the supported videos are limited. The supportive video formats are WMV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, and AVI videos.

Just click for download Windows movie maker.


Blender is the next amazing video editing software for free open source 3D content creation. Its used for creating motion effects like animated film and interactive 3D effect. Its includes the features the advanced features of 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and skinning. This tool is helping you to edit the videos as your wish.

Just click for download Blender


Movica is uses programs to edit the movies. You can edit the image easily. It is a free video editor for windows media, MPEG and FLV movies. You can delete multiple portions.

Just click for download Movica.

Video Editior

Video editor provides the good effect of video editing and compositing software. It provides the media expert with a facility to combine different files.


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Just click for download Video Editior.

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is a video capture and video processing apps for Microsoft. With the help of this software you can navigate and trim the clips by using plenty of filtering tool-Sharpen, blur, resize, rotate etc.

Just click for download Virtual Dub.

Free Video Dub

The next fantastic software for editing the videos as your wish. You can delete unwanted parts from videos files without re-encoding. Free video Dub is entirely free for editing the video.

Just click for download Free Video Dub.


With the help Wax you can compose your own dream video. It’s a high performance and flexibility .You can create 2D and 3D special effect. It can be used for stand-alone applications.

Just click for download Wax.


Avidemux is the next free software for editing videos.Help you to design for simple cutting, filtering and encoding the files. It’s available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS x and Microsoft windows.

Just click for download Avidemux.

Light works

Light works is professional video editing software. Its based on Non-linear editing system. You can download the software to click below link.

Just click for download Light works.

Movie Storm

Here everyone to make 3D effective videos. With the help of movistorm.

Just click for download Movie Storm.

Try to compose your own videos with the help of this software. Give an experience as the form of your comments.

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