Top 10 Free Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

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While accessing multiple tasks in the phone its very important to saving the life of the battery .In our modern life we wish to access all things in a single point. You can do through your Android phones. So this article is more useful for your up to date process. Its about Top 10 free best battery saver apps for android. Generally all android phones have less battery life due to multitask perform in the background.

Now, the Android apps that can save your battery. Already discussed about an article of  most useful android applications in 2013.We will discussing about Battery Booster apps,Easy battery saver, One Touch battery saver, power max apps,Juice defender apps,battery defender,Green power,battery saver,Battery Dr.Saver,y5 Battery Saver.

Top 10 free best battery saver apps for Android

Battery Booster apps


Battery Booster application is the Google play store apps. In this app is help for saving battery life by accessing different battery saving modes in the include the saving modes are Basic saving mode, smart saving mode, Ultimate saving mode, sleep mode and custom mode. Install and feel that you want to control and then create your custom mode accessing the application accordingly.


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Easy battery saver


The latest power manager app designed to extend battery life of your android phones. The life of the battery depends with network connectivity, screen time out and Screen appearance. In this battery saver you got 4 preset saving mode and advanced customized modes. The preset saving modes are General, intelligent, Super power and normal mode.

One touch Battery Saver


Just install the one touch battery saver on your android phones and tablets you can easily save your battery life. You can just install and open the setting application .Adjust the lowest battery level where you want to disable some selected programs running on your Android phone.


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PowerMax app


PowerMax app is another battery saver application of android. The unique speciality of PowerMax apps can be controlled by a single power button in the application. You can activated or manages PowerMax battery saver like your Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth etc.

Juice Defender Apps


Juice defender battery saver is a best powerful battery saver that extends the battery life of your android phone and tablets. Juice defender is reclaim your battery. So they used when needed. Its comes with preset profile and extreme profile. You can choose extreme profile to achieve long battery life.

Battery Defender


Battery defender is a free android battery saver application. This battery saver application can work automatically with the default setting. It can be activate the battery saving mode can be customized from setting menu of the apps.The application also close when you go to sleep. This will help you to save the life of your android battery.


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Green power


Green power battery saver apps with multiple option and control the life of android battery. In this application you can see a big battery icon with battery level displaying on android screen. It offers 2 modes  to save the battery like Day mode and the night mode.

Battery Dr.Saver


Battery Dr. Saver is a task killer for android. Its a two in application with battery saver and task killer. Task killer means the unnecessary task to stop and saved you can also adjust the screen brightness volume control, auto rotation and more. This will help you  save the life of android battery.

Y5 battery saver

y5 battery saver

Y5 battery saver is the next free best android battery saver apps.The speciality compares to other its a light weight android apps.Totally its deals with Wi-Fi network. The following image helps further.

Battery Saver


Battery saver is the next free android battery saver apps. This app is automatically saving the battery life of your android application. And disconnect the saver application when you go to sleep.

These valuable battery saver applications are more helpful for your further access.Download and install any one of them and save your android battery life and enjoy your android phone.

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