Top 10 Facebook Apps for Android 2013

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Here I have listed some few best Facebook apps for android.We know billions of users are used the famous social networking site.certainly ,facebook is helps us to connect with our family ,friends,relations and other across the world.The combination facebook  and android, just you think about your access.Why we say this,if you have an android phone just download the facebook apps in your phone.Its always keep in touch with your friends,family and relation as the same on an android phone.

Yes ,we reveal about the best an most useful facebook apps for android.So let it get started with first one.

FaceBook Official App

It is the facebook app.with the help of  facebook apps you can always touch with your can fastly chat with your friends and also share the status ,updates and photos.Are you imagine you are in a beautiful place and took several photos with the help of facebook apps you can shared those photos immediately.

Just click to download FaceBook Official

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is the next amazing apps for facebook.Anyhow are you imagine you can send messages to your friends for free.Get facebook messenger apps .You can instantly reach you friends.With the help of this apps Fastly touch with your friends for that login with your Facebook account afterwards just use your phone number to send what kind of messages you need to send .go ahead.

Just click to download Facebook Messenger


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Go! Chat for Facebook

This apps is mainly helps for chating purpose.its fun,easy and social.With the help of this apps you can check instantly who all are on the line.The best features for this apps is Easy and secure access,attach you current location facebook inbox sync,rename your friends,home screen widget,mute contacts etc.enjoy the chat.

Just click to download Go Chat for Facebook

Seesmic App

Seesmic is a simple  and best android apps to manage your social networks in one place.With the help of seesmic you can share photos,videos and access the android shortcut for direct access to your replies.

Just click  to download Seesmic App

Friend Castor

Friend Castor is the next is one of the best android Facebook apps.this app is fully provided with secured features they are Application security,check-in and places ,Events ,profile and privacy settings.Just try it.

Click for download Friend Castor

Scope Apps

Scope is an amazing app.It has helped you to manage all the social networks.That means you can access everything in one point.You can access the Facebook , Twitter, instagram and tumblr in a single point.

Click to download Scope Apps


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It is a tweaked version of tweakdeck. tweakdeck is having the great feature like full landscape support,optimised and compressed,fixed widget backgrounf and etc.

Click to download Tweakdeck


With the help of hootsuite you can manage multiple social network. it can support Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. you can able to access all he social networking site  at the same time where you are.So enjoy your access.

Click here to download Hootsuite


BeejiveIm apps is support to chat with our friends .the main feature for this apps is reliable and efficient,push notification,save money,share different format files,universal interface,stay connected,highly customizable,real time chat and etc.

Click here to download BeejiveIM


With the help of this app allows you to share the location where you have checked in.its entirely free of cost . You can preset the location you want to check-in by creating an auto zone.What zone you can enter you will be checked into the set location automatically.finds out your online friend  where they form with the help of smart places.

Click here to download Smartplaces

These are the best and useful Facebook apps for Android. try it out and share your experiences with us.

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