Top 10 Best Free Proxy Software 2013

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Mainly , Proxy softwares are used to access blocked servers and sites. In the market some proxy softwares free to use but some are paid. with the help of enriched featured proxy softwares can unblock sites like Facebook, YouTube and more.

Here I enlist some of the best free proxy software. Try to analyze the free proxy software and download it from the below link.


First I introduce the ultrasurf proxy software. It supports English and Chinese. The main specialty of this proxy software is to download and run it without any installation. It is a small network security application with enriched features.


  •  Lightweight application
  •  Easy to use and comprehend
  •  There is no fancy encryption algorithm to mask your traffic

Click here to download Ultrasurf


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Hotspot shield

The next freeware program is hotspot shield. It allows you to secure your connection while browsing WI-fi hotspot. Hotspot shield also supports Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese and Persian.


  •  It is easy to use
  •  No need to configure
  •  Encrypted with 123 bit ssl encryption.
  •  Secure connection
  •  Easy installation with good streaming
  •  Unrestricted US sites

Get the hotspot shield by click here Hotspot shield


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The next fantastic proxy software is GTunnel. It supports Chinese and English language. There is an interesting feature included in it .That you can run this software as your GTalk.

Click here to download the software GTunnel



Tor support lots of languages French, Chinese, English etc.. For windows you can download the tor browser bundle, which can be used directly without any installation.

Click here to download the tor software Tor


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GPass is the next one of the best proxy software and run it without installation. With Gpass you can browse the web, check your email, chat with your friends and download files and more. It is easy to configure and you can use it with many different programs.

Click here to download GPass


Freegate proxy software is easy to use.but it uses English as well as Chinese languages. This software can run and download without installation. When we run this software, it will automatically open dynaweb home page in IE.

Click here to download Freegate


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The next best proxy software based on google app engine. You can run this software without installation. But its instruction is written in Chinese language. With the help of google translator it translated into English.

Click here to download GappProxy


Another free proxy software is HYK-proxy. it’s also based on google app engine. here is the Chinese instructions translated to English with google translate.

Click here to download Hyk-proxy.

Your freedom

Your freedom is the next superior proxy software. To create a free account on the freedom website afterwards to choose the suitable client for your computer, now you need to download and install that program. And change your proxy to visits those blocked websites.

Click here to download Your freedom


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Free proxy

Free proxy is a professional freeware proxy software. With the help of free proxy allow you to enable block access based on a filter. Gets the free proxy and enjoy to access blocked sites.

Click here to download Free proxy.

Find and choose your own proxy software for accessing the blocked sites. We ensure it will access freely. Stay tuned with more information.

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