Top 10 best Firefox Addons 2013

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Firefox has quietly become widely used web browser in the world. In which add-ons allow the users to add application features. Below is listing of our Top 10 Best Firefox Addons 2013 .Add-ons can help improve your abilities and overall access of Firefox. All the add-ons are available from the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons page .Some of the add-ons are listed below will help your access easily.

Stumble Upon


Stumble Upon is mostly used add-ons that allows you to browse only the best of what the internet has to offer. Basically is the form of web search engine.Stumble upon are their own features allowed users to discover and rate web pages, photos, videos etc.

AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus

AdBlock plus add-ons is help you to block the ads .Which also allow the users to filter the content and an open source. The add-ons are supported by over 40 filter subscriptions in dozens of languages. You can customize your own filters
with the assistance of a variety of useful features. It includes the features are: Context option for images, block tab for Flash and java objects and group of blockable items to remove scripts and stylesheet.


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Video DownloadHelper


Video DownloadHelper is an extension for the Firefox web browser. It is easy to download and convert web videos from hundreds of YouTube like sites. Its also allows you to download files one by one .Just download and enjoy your access with this add-ons.You can download this add on from the official site of download helper.



FireFTP is a free, secure cross platform FTP/SFTP client for Firefox. This add-on is helps to transferring your different files quickly and efficiently .It also have some more advanced features Like :-


Directory Comparison

Sync directory while navigating

Secure Socket layer (SSL) Encryption

Search and filtering

Integrity Checks

Drag and Drop

Remote editing

File hashing etc…



Basically Collusion is an experimental add-on for Mozilla Firefox. This add-on is used to track your movements across the web with the help of which sites are using third party. Lets start visualize who is tracking you in real time.


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Another great add-on for Firefox. FoxTab add-on is brings the 3D functionality to your Firefox. The most popular widely used Firefox extensions. Its a 3D management tab. The main features are:

* Top Sites for FoxTab aka speed dial

* Table FlipperYou can easily flip

* Reopening the recently closed tab.

Text To Voice

text_to_voiceText to voice add on is helps to learn how to pronounce a words. Its allowed to access the tough words are how to pronounce .It also supported the languages are: English, Hindi, Espanol, Italiano,  Portugues, and Catala.Except English other languages have a little robotic.

Download Status Bar


The fantastic Add-on for Firefox. This add-on is allowed to view and manage downloads from the status bar without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.

Auto Copy


Auto Copy add-on is to allow easy to copy and paste text. Its very helpful for bloggers. Just imagine without selecting, right clicking the copy option you can easily access the copy the text automatically.

Any Color


Anycolor add-on is a fantastic add-on for Firefox. This add-on that allows you to change the color and appearance of Firefox at any time.

These Add-on are helping you access very smoothly. Just install and access your work easily. Stay tune with us for the new updates of Mozilla Firefox.

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