Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – New Phablet from Samsung

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Worlds first new innovation- touch screen that are between five and seven inches call it as Phablets (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ). This device is capable for a Smartphone and mini tablet. The innovation is based upon the observation that the technology media has had is about the ever increasing the size of Smartphone screen. Phablets are similar to smartphone.The main building specification of the Phablets are their own 5 inch devices or bigger.

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Phablet is a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet. Now the  particular product in the industry was popularized by South Korean Samsung. And also the galaxy note line.Phablet is the biggest gadgets of 2013.yes, we are expecting new to the useful gadget in the coming generation .The use of mobile phone and tablets may be over. Ya Mr. Neil Mawston said that 2013 to be the year of phablets.

The Phablet of Samsung galaxy note 2 have their own key specification .The Phablet have the impressive colorful screen. The resolution of the phablets is 1280*800. It is another top-end Android phone. Super AMOLED technology. Dual core 1.4 GHz processor and 16 GB micro sd card slot. 2 mega pixel front end camera and 8 mega pixels of rear camera. Easy to access the key specification.

  • 1280*800 resolution
  •  Colorful screen
  • Top-end android phone
  •  AMOLED technology
  •  Dual core 1.4GHz processor
  •  16GBmicroSD card slot
  •  Capacity of front camera is 2 mega pixel and rear is 8 megapixel
  •  Easy to access
  •  Use  to run  android 2.3.6 aka gingerbread

Alternately, similar to the Smartphone and the tablets call it as Phablets .Yes it is the year of Phablets .

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