Most Useful Top Ten Android Apps 2013

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In our everyday busy schedule android application is run as a supporting for our search and entertainment. Hey are you played angry bird? These famous and addictive games apps also played on the android platform. The calculation of android market has over 7000000 apps are available for free and paid. In that 400000 available apps to explain the best  and most useful top ten Android apps.


Skype for android



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Skype is an another apps run on the android platform.Yes you can chat through voice and video to anyone for free.For accessing you must have the 3G or Wi-Fi.The main feature is the High quality sound.


foursquare-tech-crackersFoursquare has made a significant change of  check-in screen and location pages on their android application.the fine form of android is Foursquare.foursquare is mainly focusing a local search option and it may promote more check-ins.In this the google application offering easy one click check-ins.

Googles Maps Navigation

google-maps-techcrackersGoogle Maps Navigation is an Internet-connected, GPS navigation system with voice guidance.Yes Google Maps included the voice navigation. The best and most useful mobile applications are available for phones,Pcs and tablets that run the android OS.Are you get ready for a trip? Just plan it. Google Maps Navigate your Route.


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Winamp Android Application


Winamp media player is available for the android platform.You can easily play,manage and sync music from your android platform. it includes free wireless syncing , free media player and one click iTunes library import.And also it access to over 50,000 internet radio stations with Shoutcast.

Cam Scanner


Camscanner  is an application that runs your phone into a portable Scanner.This free apps is help you to take images of a document from any angle and then resize and enhance the image and save it as a pdf file.Now that the pdf file format send it via email SMS.The main feature of the Camscanner  is to upload that the resized image it to a cloud server too.By using this you can easy to scan with mobile.



Are you a business man? Just download it .It’s more useful for your business .We heard about the good android apps is nothing but the DropBox After the Drop Box the next best and most useful android application calls it as Evernote. Evernote for android makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.


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Angry Bird Game for Android

angri-birds-tech-crackersThis is an addictive game app for android. You can access the angry bird tables, Pcs and the mobile androids.

Wikipedia for android


A new look for Wikipedia.The official Wikipedia is easy to access from the android apps. 20 million articles in 280 languages are now running on the android platform. Search articles, Share articles and read articles with full screen.

Google Chrome Android Version

chrome-android-techcrackersEveryones favorite web browser is Google Chrome. Now the Chrome is available on the android platform.On 7th Feb of 2012, is the Chrome Android released. But now these chrome facilities available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Korean.



Shazam is the best entertainment android apps .It’s an exclusive feature of Music. By using this app you can enjoy your favorite songs save and enjoy after 30seconds.

Android Apps are now available on different different fields ,Such as

  • Entertainment , Music , Games and Videos
  • Widgets
  • News
  • Utilities and Tools

Get more info of Android Stay tuned with us.

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