How to Send Files through Facebook Chat

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This is the time for share How to Send Files through Facebook Chat box ? . In my experience, 2 weeks ago my brother ask that how to send the pictures while chating ? so i explained the procedure 1st select gear icon on the chat box then click- see full conversation and click the attach tool then attach the file you want to send to your recipient. but he struggle  allot.

facebook file transferIf your are an active user and know the newest techniques to send an attachment file on Facebook.  here we enclose the steps to attach a file while you are in chating . Facebook is giving an opportunity to chat with our buddies .right now this media introduce files can send and receive through facebook chat box.


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How to Send Files through Facebook Chat

Step 1 : Click the gear icon on the top left of your Facebook chat. And click upload files

facebook chat files

Step 2 :you can choose the file to send to your friend.Click open and wait till it finishes uploading,after the upload completes just give an enter.

file sent


Step 3. To Download the attachment Click the attachment Icon ..

how to download

Hey buddies ,this option very useful to send or receiving the files through the Facebook chat. when you are chatting with friend  most of us  used to express their   feelings through your real time expression can take a photo through web cam at a time you can send through  facebook chat .on this way you and your friend can send and receive the images,musics and more files.Lets enjoy to send files through  facebook.

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