How to Record Skype Calls ? Video and Audio

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Skype is one of the free ways to chat with others.Let us see how to record skype video calls.most widely we are able to use the skype facility for the real time chating. Here we discussed about  how to record skype video and audio calls ?.

Record Skype video and audio with vodburner


Vodburner is  software for record,edit and upload Skype calls.This is entirely free but two small condition for accessing: and the person you’re on the video call with have vodburner installed then only you can record the call for free.

2. If you alone have the vodburner option , you can still record the video calls for free but you placed on it as a watermark.You will need to pay if you dont want the watermark on all calls.

These are the simple condition occurred during the record .Otherwise you want to pay for accessing the Vodburner. on specially by using this option you can do editing and uploading as you wish.


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How to record Skype calls? With Vodburner

Vodburner application is easily download from internet and installed in your pc.Once you finished the installation ,youll need to authorize the use of  vodburner with skype.Suddenly a notification display on your monitor like the application is trying to gain access to can provided the allow button before vodburner will function.once the application is granted the access to skype.Vodburner will  start to record automatically.While recording you can access to Pause,Edit,Stop and record at any time.Once you pause or hold the recording next you want to continue recording the same you want to discard the recording and starts from the beginning.

Vodburner have a good option for disabling the automatic call recording feature. so When  you need to record the chat will access the Vodburner option.

To do this —> Option—>Configure—>recording


How to editing video calls?with Vodburner

While you hang up a call you will be promoted with a view and edit notification.the conversion can be done within a moment but in older computer the conversion of the file into usable video it can take huge time .After the completion youll be greeted by the post production Console.

In the post production console have two tabs Compose and Enhance.In compose tab is easy to access by selecting the option .By use of this tab is to make serious editing the video youll want to use a standalone video editing application.

In enhance tab you can find the advanced editing includes to add text,photos and audio to your movie.Also have a finish tab.In finish tab is where you complete the video and convert it into a usable video format.Vodburner only supports the .ASF format.This is a common format and you can convert it with a standalone video editing application.

Record  Skype calls with Vodburner

These are the simple ways to record a live chat withVodburner application. It can easy to use and also provide the basic attractive feature with good price .If you don’t want to pay you must follow the two conditions. I specify it in aboveLets use and convey your experiences.

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