How to Convert 2gb Memory Card To 4gb

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Always , we all are searching on the internet about how to increase the size of the memory card . now I reveal about how to convert 2GB memory card to 4GB. Here we increase the external memory capacity. If you having a 2GB memory card with you then you should give a try to increase capacity of your memory card.

Now I describe all the ways with step by step format. Give a look and try to increase your memory card capacity.

How to convert 2GB memory card to 4GB ?

Step 1: download the link given below

Click here to download

Step 2: extract the software to a folder and open the folder.

Step 3: now connect your 2 GB memory card with your PC. Use USB card reader for memory card.

Step 4: give the name for your memory card for identification. Now go to the folder where you extracted the software and open driver increaser 2.bat.

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Step 5: now it will ask for the name of your memory card and give to enter the name in it.

Step 6: afterward it will ask you to enter the driver letter. Then go to my computer and see what letter assigned to your memory card.

Step 7: now to enter the drive letter once again. Remember the same letter enters in first and give enter.

Step 8: now the time to processing until we want to wait for finishing.

Step 9: let me check our memory card capacity. It will definitely increase into 4GB.

You can enjoy with saving more data files into the converted 4 GB memory card. Let enjoy and rock .just try it and upgrade your memory card into 4 GB.

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