How to Configure Gmail in Outlook 2013?

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Here you can learn how to configure Gmail in outlook 2013.The best platform to manage your mails into outlook. That is the reason why people would want to set up their Gmail accounts in Microsoft outlook. You have several email accounts in Gmail we provide a good way to keep your mails in secure. And also to keep all mails in a single platform.

Just configure your all Gmail account in to Microsoft outlook. In our society we also follow some protocols. Now we must follow some protocols in Gmail configuration.

The internal part to configure the Gmail in to outlook mainly we use two protocol that is POP3(Post Office Protocol 3) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).Both the protocols are allow you to connect to a mail server and fetch your mails.

With the help of POP3 protocol all your emails are downloaded to your system. You should use IMAP protocol then only you can access your email through multiple devices such as laptop, tablet and mobiles.

How to configure Gmail in Outlook 2013?

We will describe as in step by step format.

Step 1 : you can sign up in your Gmail account to enable POP on Gmail account .To click settings tool in the top right an side. In that appearing windows then go to forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

outlook-settings 1

Step 2: On that screen you have seen an option like POP download, enable POP and choose and choose from the first two options.

Step 3: After enabling that option .Just follow us.

Start   —>   all programs  —>  Microsoft office —> office outlook 2013

In that to select the file option to click Add account under account information.

outlook-settings 2

Step 4: In the same window you have an option of manually configure server settings and then click next to continue.

Step 5: Click internet option and give next.

Step 6: In that appearing window gives you valuable information and in the server information select POP3 in the drop down menu. The incoming mail server fills with and outgoing mail server fill with SMTP.Gmail com. In under the login information you can fill with your username and password.

outlook-settings 3

Step 7: in the same window have an option in the bottom right and side corner as More Settings.In that to navigate outgoing server and select my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication in that select the first option use same settings as my incoming mail server.

outlook-settings 4

Step 8 : Just select the advanced option in the same window .and give the port number .for incoming mail server just enter 995 and enable the option this server requires an encrypted connection. The port number of the outgoing mail server is 465 choose the connection as SSL in the right and side drop down menu.

outlook-settings 5

Step 9: After give the proper information just click OK and return to Gmail .In the test account settings automatically enable the options then click on close. Youre almost done all the set up.

outlook-settings 6

Access to configure your Gmail account into the outlook. Give your experiences with us.

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