How to Browse internet Anonymously ?

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Everyone get anxiety to know about the tricks for how to browse internet anonymously? Nowadays we found all the details from internet. With the help of your IP address you can traced. If this article mainly introduce a network to browse internet anonymously. Help of Tor Network you can browse the internet anonymity.
or is short for the onion router. its makes it very difficult to trace any internet activities such as instant messaging, online posts, surfing the website and all other communications. With the help of tor anonymity network users are intended to protect users personal freedom, privacy and to conduct confidential business. This is basically helps to browse the internet anonymously .its also an encrypted network.


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How to help Tor for anonymous internet browsing?


Lets enjoy the tor network. Here the traffic of the internet routed to the tor network when you can access it. The main aim to prevent the ISP and people monitoring your local network from browsing the website you access.

For an example just imagine you can browse through Tor.Your ISP and local network operator cant see that you’re accessing  that the tome u can see a message like:encrypted Tor traffic. At the end you can reach the exit node. Basically you can access the unencrypted website so your traffic can be monitored at the exit node.

It can offer a censorship and monitoring through internet to give a path. That the networks call it as a Tor Browser Bundle. Its not a great idea using the Tor for the normal browsing. The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communication around the world. Yes it will happen with the help of Tor Bundle Browser as the easiest way to access the Tor. This browser is the version of Firefox that comes pre-configured with the settings and extension of Tor. You can use Tor network for other browsers also but not in a safe manner.


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How to use tor browser?

You can easy to download the network through Tor project official site. After downloading the tor browser bundle to follow the steps

Step 1: Double click the downloaded extension file (.EXE file)

tor 1

Step2: Extract it to your hard drive

(There is no need to install tor browser bundle in your PC, you can extract in your USB stick and run it from there)

tor 2

Step 3: Click the start tor browser.exe file in the tor browser folder. After clicking the .exe file you can connect with tor network with the help of a Vidalia control panel. Automatically customized tor Firefox browser will open.

tor 3

Step 4: After opening the browser Vidalia automatically disconnect from tor and closes.

tor 3 tor 4


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Step 5: Helps with the Vidalia to create a local proxy on your system.Defaultly the Tor Browser Bundle is configured to route all your traffic.

tor 5

With the help of tor encrypted network you can browse internet anonymously. But remember while using the tor browser not to provide any personal information by logging into an account associated with you. Otherwise you will lose the anonymity.

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