High Speed internet from Google (Google Fibre)

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Are you thinking about the new broadband internet facility from Google by using the optical fiber communication? Yes, now its reality Google announced an ultra high speed internet service that is Google fiber. Mainly this broadband internet network infrastructure by using fiber-optic communication .In July 2012 Google released the pricing of Google fiber. Please watch the official video ………..

The major three service options are there :

  • Free broadband internet
  • 1Gbps internet option for $70 per month-1 terabytes of Google drive
  • TV service for $120per month-2 terabyte DVR recorder

This offering high speed broadband internet connectivity has the speed of 1Gbps, comparatively 100 times faster than the speed of others. Hey, buddies but these facilities only available to the residents of its test community Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

These three service options have their own infrastructure. The 1gbps broadband internet option includes 1terabyte Google drive for $70 per month.


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But in the Television service additionally 2 terabytes DVR recorder into the Google drive service but the best advantage is DVR will record up to 8 live TV shows at the same time. In this the remote control system includes Nexus 7 tablets. Most widely this high speed broadband internet service is used in the US but in India The services it may come in 2014.

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