8 Most useful Google tools

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Google is to organize the world information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google understood what we need for making it easier access. Google is the best search engine. This search engine provides more and more useful tools. In January 1996 as a research project by Larry page and Sergey brin, both the PhD students began Google.After a long journey of Google introduce more and more useful tools and applications. In that long journey yahoo partnered with Google.Here were listing the most useful google tools launched by Google Inc.


  • Google E-mail
  • GTalk
  • Google Checkout
  • iGoogle
  • Google Docs
  • Google maps
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Earth Maps


Google E-mail services simple say us Gmail. Gmail is an advertisement-supported mail services for free. Gmail was launched in April 1 2004 but that the facility became available on February 2007.But Gmail users aware of its capable free storage capacity per account 10GB.Here, they provide more and love features to todays life hurry Burry like mail goggles, Unknown recipient detector, undo send, offline Gmail, Forgotten attachment detector. These facilities are not even good for the user, users are expecting more and more from Google innovation. The next useful tool from Google communication is GTalk (Google Talk).


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In some kind of situation users think that communication by email is dead. Guys Google understood what we need for our communication that is the first inspiration to come Google Talk-GTalk. In 2005 the Google talk launched this application that lets users send messages to each other at the same time .The next tool is too familiar with all Google checkout users.

All the people are very much interested to buy the thing from online. Now, Google it works. Shopping through the online with the help of Google Checkout. But the main disadvantage of online shopping is transmitting your details through the internet. For  using the Google checkout ,You first  create a Google account If you have any Google account just enhancing it by providing the details (credit card number, billing address, phone number and shipping address).After finishing your formalities ,You can enjoy go shopping.


Hey, are you having any Google account? You know Google released a free online calendar application Google Calendar. This app is more helpful free for time management. Another Google product is a suite of applications that find in office desktop software, it is the Google docs.


In businesses all the users need their own basic software application here, Google docs suite for the online productivity. The main feature of Google docs is to share documents and done the updating with other Google users.


Imagine through the internet you can view maps of specific region and get direction from one location to another with the help of Google maps. But now you can also get the walking directional from one point to another. The next best tool is Google earth maps.


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The Google earth maps application is to inform a specific location on the globe. You know one thing Google is always looking a new ways to upgrade the present information.


Multiple applications and news from all over the world through the iGoogle services otherwise a small number of web pages and applications that you can use more than others .For that you could go to a single location that is iGoogle.




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