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Nowadays we all are heard about the Android versionsand features.Android is linux based operating system.Primarily it designed for touch screen smartphones and tablet computers.All the released products for android are very much popular in our emerged market.Mainly Android OS is compete with iphone from Apple.

Our emerged market Android Os is highlight with their high performance.So we must reveal about the Android versions here.Firstly the Android OS began with the release of commercial version.But in 2009 all the android versions under a codename ,such as Cupcake,Donut,Eclair,froyo,Gingerbread,Honeycomb,ice cream sandwich and jelly bean.All the such versions are in alphabet form.The calculation in 2013 over 500 million users use the android OS.

Here is the List of Android versions and Features


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Android 1.0 and Android 1.1

In 23rd of September 2008,the first commercial version of Android 1.0 was released.on 9th February 2009 the Android 1.1 was introduced. The set of highlighted features are sepreate their high performance.

The first Android 1.0 device is HTC Dream and their features are:

  • You can download and update the android market application through the market apps.
  • You can change the camera resolution,quality and white balance etc.
  • Access to web email servers.
  • Gmail,Google Contacts,Google Calendar,Google Maps ,Google search,Google Talk and Google Sync is also available
  • Instant messaging ,text messaging and MMS.
  • Other basic features also available in this version.

Android 1.5 Cupcake

This Android version  1.5 use a code name based on a dessert item. On 30th April 2009 Android 1.5 was released.The first Android 1.5 device is HTC magic .Now i share the features of cupcake .

  • Animated screen transition
  • Auto- rotation option
  • You can upload videos and photos on YouTube and Picasa
  • Copy and paste options in web browsers.
  • Video recording and playback
  • Third party keyboard and text prediction for support.

Android 1.6 Donut

Android 1.6 Donut was released on 15 September 2009.includes features are:

  • Support for WVGA screen resolution
  • Fully integrated camera, Gallery and Camcoder, with faster camera access
  • Voice and text entry search
  • Updated technology support for VPNs,802.1x.
  • You can detete multiple photos at a time

Android 2.0 and Android 2.1 Eclair

Android 2.0 eclair was developed in 26 October 2009.And Android 2.1 Eclair was released in 12 January 2010.it include the features in Motorola droid.

  • Allow to add multiple accounts to a device for synchronization
  • Support Bluetooth 2.1
  • Microsoft exchange email support
  • Camera Support  including flash support,Digital zoom,scene mode,color effect,Macro focus etc.
  • Improved google maps
  • You can able to search all the saved SMS and MMS messages
  • Ability to tap the contact photos and choose to call and SMS.


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Android 2.2 Froyo

Android Froyo was developed in  20 may 2010.it was experiment in Nexus 1.include features are:

  • Support for Bluetooth enabled car and desk docks,numeric and alphanumeric password,file upload fields in the browser application,Adobe Flash ,High PPI display
  • To optimize speed,memory and performance
  • Support for the Android Cloud to device messaging service.
  • Voice Dialing and contact sharing over Bluetooth
  • Support improved Microsoft exchange,including security policies,auto discovery,calendar synchronization.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Android 2.3 Gingerbread was released in 6 December 2010.it based on linux kernel. The first gingerbread device is Google Nexus S .The features include as;

  • User interface element design with simplicity and speed
  • Support for front facing camera  for video calling.
  • Support for extra large screen size and resolutions.
  • Support new download manager ,with the help of this download manager you can easily download all the files in your device.
  • Support for more sensors
  • Support for Near Field Communication NFC
  • Copy and paste option is allow in this version
  • Audio, Graphical and input enhancement for game developers
  • Garbaged collection for increased performance

Android 3.0 and 3.1 Honeycomb

Android 3.0 honey comb was released on 22 February 2011.This version was the first update in the tablet.the device named as Motorola Xoom tablets.The device was released on 24 February 2011.The Honeycomb version is only for tablet and will never come to Smartphone.the include features of Android 3.0 Honeycomb is :

  • Simplified copy paste interface
  • Support for multi core processor
  • You can encrypt all users data
  • Camera support Focus,flash,zoom,time lapse etc.
  • Key apps such as gmail and YouTube
  • Ability to view all your gallery item in full screen mode
  • Added system bar ,featuring quick access to notification,status and soft navigation buttons
  • Added Action bar ,giving access to contextual options,navigation,widgets or other types.
  • Hardware acceleration

And it include the features of Android 3.1 honeycomb.


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  • Support for external keyboard,pointing devices,joysticks,gamepads,FLAC  audio playback
  • High performance in Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Connectivity for USB Accessories
  • Resizable home screen widget

Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich

Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich was released on 19 October 2009 based on Linux kernel 3.0.1. This version is more compatible with all the Android device. But it was available on 14 November 2011.This version was used in Samsung Galaxy nexus .Ice cream sandwich ICS was designed to merge  Gingerbred,android for phones,together with honey comb.The Android version 4.0 indroduce the updated certain set of features.They are:

  • You can able to access apps directly from lock screen
  • Pinch-to-zoom functionality in the calendar
  • Easy to create folder with drag and drop
  • Built in photo editor
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Real time speech to text dictation
  • Integrated screenshot capture
  • Customizable launcher
  • Copy and paste functionality
  • You can able to speed up or slow down voicemail messages.
  • 1080p video recording
  • Wi-fi direct
  • Support for the web image format
  • Camera support  Zero shutter lag,time lapse setting,panorama mode and able to zoom while recording


Android  4.2 jelly bean

Android 4.2 jelly beans was announced at the google I/O conference on 27 June 2012.This version is aimed to improve the functionality and performance of the user interface.but the event was cancelled. The android 4.2  jelly bean first device were LG nexus 4 and Samsung nexus 10.which were released on  13 November 2012.include features are:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Support for wireless display
  • Notification power control
  • Keyboard with gesture typing
  • All devices now use the same interface layout
  • Always on VPN
  • Premium SMS confirmation
  • Lock screen improvements

Android-Version-GraphOfficially the android future versions widely rumored to be dubbed key lime pie,but no official confirmation for this future release.it may happen.Stay tune with us for new updates.

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