Blackberry 10 Specifications and Review

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Blackberry is a brand of wireless handheld devices. The first blackberry device was developed in the year of 1999 Blackberry 850.Primarly all the blackberry devices are have their  ability to send and receive push email and instant message. In the success of blackberry time line Smartphone Blackberry was released on 2003.

Blackberry 10 Preview-tech-crackers

The new release of Blackberry 10 models on January 30, 2013 RIM CEO Thorsten Heins announced with the help of Blackberry 10. yes buddies its call it as Blackberry L-series. In1 may 2012 the CEO of Rim officially revealed the BlackBerry 10 Platform. The main Key Specification of Blackberry 10 are enlisted here:


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  • Touch Screen
  •  Dual-core 1.5GHz Texas instrument
  •  4470 OMAP Processor
  •  4.2 inch display
  •  Resolution 1280*768
  •  Connectivity options(NFC,Bluetooth 4.0,3G,4G LTE,Wi-Fi)
  •  2megapixel front facing camera

Why I am revealing this article now? Are you thinking like that? Hey buddies this year RIM will introduce a new model of Blackberry. We will expect that the product call it as BlackBerry Z10.

According to the leaked out a number of times in recent times. The Blackberry z 10display will measure 4.2 inch in measure and the resolution of 1280*768 similar to Blackberry 10.It will also support with 2 cameras, 8Megapixel rear with 1080p video front that can take 720p video.

The main feature is to access 4G and Bluetooth, have an 1800mAh battery power.

We will wait for the moment to introduce the new models of BlackBerry 10.Stay tuned for the more awesome news’s and updations from tech crackers.

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